Learn How To Self Direct Your Retirement Account and Grow Your Wealth.

A lot of people do not know if their retirement that they work hard for is restricted or Self Directed. Are you getting the Benefits from your Retirement Account? Are You Self Directing Your Retirement Account? A lot of people who have retirement accounts have a restricted account that is held with some institution  which invests those retirement funds into a much more traditional portfolio options such as stocks, Bonds & ETF’s.  If you roll over or convert your restricted retirement account into a Self Directed IRA you can invest outside of those traditional investments. Your Self-Directed IRA, can be either a Self Directed Traditional IRA which those Retirement Funds are Tax Deferred or a Self Directed Roth IRA which earns Tax Free income. the account owner directs all the investment decisions and thus has a much greater degree of flexibility in choosing investment options and invest in alternatives such as real estate and other types of investments that are associated to real estate such as Trust Deed Investments, Mortgage Investments, Private Placement Mortgage Funds.

If you would like to rollover or convert your retirement account into a Self Directed IRA that is either a Self Directed Traditional IRA or an Self Directed ROTH IRA, we can Help You Do That, We can provide you with a list of third party custodians that specialize in Self Directing your IRA’s into Mortgage Funds, Whole and Fractional Trust Deed and Mortgage Note Investments. You can give us a call at 866.897.666 Ext. 110, 866.897.6966 Ext. 112