Are you ready to Retire, Learn how to optimize your Retirement Accounts For Financial Freedom

You are ready to enjoy your retirement as you are looking to be financial free so you need to optimize your retirement accounts. If you are looking for an investment that is an alternative to the traditional roller coaster stock market ride or you are looking for an investment that is secured by an illmovable asset that is tangible and that can produce monthly cash flow, then investing in trust deeds or a mortgage fund may be right for your retirement accounts. For almost 40 plus years you can invest your retirement accounts in alternatives such as Real Estate , Trust Deeds and Mortgage, Mortgage Funds. If your current custodian does not allow you to invest in theses alternatives you can roll over your retirement account into a Self Directed IRA without any penalties . If you don’t know of a third party custodian that specializes in these investments we can provide you with a list of Firms that specialize in these types of investments.

You can optimize your Traditional Self Directed IRA by investing in Whole Trust Deeds and Mortgages,  or you can get more diversification by investing in a Fractional Trust Deed or Fractional Mortgage, for the highest level of diversification you can invest in a mortgage . The interest earned is tax deferred till you with draw it. To really optimize your retirement account is to invest your Self Directed ROTH IRA in Mortgage Funds like the Equity Cap Venture Fund LLC or Whole & Fractional Trust Deeds and Mortgage notes because the interest you earn with be tax free. If you would like to learn more on how to optimize your retirement accounts so you can become Financial Free and enjoy your retirement, You can give us a call at 866.897.666 Ext. 110, 866.897.6966 Ext. 112 or email us at