New Longer Term Products For Residential Active Investors

Equity Cap Fund Advisors is a Direct Nationwide Private Money Lender & a Real Estate Investment Company that provides short term debt and equity for real estate investment strategies such as bridge loans, business partner buy out, rehab fix & flip loans to major renovation value add loans. We decided to expand our suite of Private Money Loan products by providing two solutions for active investors across the country that are looking to Hold on to the property and rent out to realize cash flow from the rents. Active Investors use such strategies as Fix To Rent or Construct To Rent or Straight Out Acquiring a turn key real estate asset. Equity Cap Fund Advisors created two solutions for Active Residential Investors which is our Interim 3 & 5 Year Rental program. The Interim product has a choice of a three (3) year interest only period then fully amortized for the remaining twenty seven (27) years or a five (5) year interest only period then fully amortized for the remaining twenty five (25) years with No Balloon Payments,  The second solution is our Long Term 30 Year Rental Program. The 30 Year Long Term Program is a Fully Amortized and impounded payment PITI of Principal, Interest , Real Estate Taxes, Insurance and HOA if applicable. The Long Term 30 Year Rental Program is a great program because you don’t have to review your options for many years to come especially since the rates on these two solutions are only a few percentage points higher.

Here are some of the qualifications to get an approval for our Residential Rental Product:

  • On Purchase Loans you need 20% Down
  • On a Refinance you can go Up To 80% LTV
  • 650 Fico Score or Higher
  • Leases are needed on refinances
  • Leases in place is preferred on Purchases

Here are some Highlights about Both Residential Rental Solutions:

  •  Stated Income – No W2’s – No P&L’s
  •  High Leverage – Up To 80% LTV 
  • Blanket Loan – Secure Up To 10 Properties
  • Loan is Underwritten to Property
  • Rates are in the Single Digits
  • No Balloon Payment to worry about

If you are in the process of Acquiring or Refinancing an Investor Residential, 2-4 Units or a Condo and you feel it meets this criteria above, Feel Free To Give Us a Call at 866.897.6966 or Shoot us an email.