We Are Still Lending During Covid-19. The New Way Of Debt Lending For Today’s Investor Market.

If you are not in the business we hope you and your families are Healthy and Safe. If you are in the real estate, mortgage brokering, lending and investment management business we hope you, your family and your firm are Healthy & Safe. Most states are coming out of lock down with some limited level of going out in the public. We are at the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the mean time Millions of people are unemployed, Millions of tenants are not paying rent, Many homeowners are not paying the mortgage, A lot of media outlets are telling consumers not pay, do a forebarence, all that is doing is wrecking the secondary market, so local and regional banks will tighten up on their Lending Standards and credit boxes, example Chase bank requires a 700 Fico Score. Wells Fargo pulled out of Jumbo Loans and Many banks have stopped accepting HELOC Applications. Thousands of small businesses are closing . We need to support the local mom and pop businesses in your local community as all of us here at Equity Cap Fund Advisors are doing, especially restaurants.

What is your new normal life going to be? Everyone will embark on there on path personal, but for the professionals in the real estate lending world. We are here to Fund Your Investor Real Estate Loans. 

For Brokers Trying To Get Private Capital Today:

  • Full Complete, Accurate & Concise Files Will Get Priority
  • Order Takers Are Gone. You now Have To Be An Educator
  • The High LTC’s & ARV’s are Gone
  • Multi Family & Other CRE MAI Appraisals will most likely get Chopped or Butchered
  • Leases are needed on refinances
  • Leases in place is preferred on Purchases

For Lenders Who Are Still Lending Today::

  •  Leverage will be reduced on Average 20%+
  •  Fico Scores & Credit Grading  Will Matter More Then Ever, Very High 600’s into the 700’s is Normal
  • Exit Strategy means just as much if not more then the first two above
  • Rookies….Spectators will find it difficult to get Fix & Flip Funds, Will the Real Active Investors Please Stand Up!
  • Rates are going to be on average 300 Basis Points Higher on the West Coast & Higher on The East Coast
  • Savvy Lenders will Value Multi Family Properties based on The Cost To Construction, even with a High Occupancy, even if it’s 100% occupied.
  • Prudent Lenders Will Dig into Financials to See if what is on your Loan Application is commensurate with Bank Statements, Cancel Checks, Deposits, When are those deposits clearing the bank .No Balloon Payment to worry about

If you are in the process of Acquiring or Refinancing an Investor Residential, 2-4 Units or a Condo and you feel it meets this criteria above, Feel Free To Give Us a Call at 866.897.6966 or Shoot us an email.