Certified Financial Planners (CFP)

Equity Cap Fund Advisors, Inc. seeks strategic partnerships with Financial Advisers that are fee base only, whom are looking for an alternative solution to the volatility of the stock market that has little to no correlation to the markets for their clients. Financial Advisers whom are looking for a consistent monthly income source that provides diversification next to a portfolio of regular traditional assets. Passive real estate investments that are short term with protective equity positions of 30% of more that offer equitable to superior returns is great for any one’s portfolio. Your clients can invest with their cash accounts, Tax Deferred accounts like a Self Direct IRA and your clients can earn Tax Free Income by using a Roth account.
The structure of a properly balanced portfolio is crucial and requires a great understanding of it’s clients investment objectives, risk reward tolerances, liquidity and income needs along with their tax situation is best suited to have recommendations made by the clients financial advisor.
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