Institutional Investors

Your looking for a firm that specializes in Originating, Underwriting and Funding business purposes investor residential and commercial loans.  We specialized in this Alternatives, that operates at the highest level of integrity and transparency. We are that firm that specializes in the Alternative Sector with Real Estate being the only asset class. We provide Short Term Senior Secured Debt and & Secured Subordinate Debt & Equity for real estate professionals for opportunistic investor residential and commercial real estate opportunities. We are disrupting the Lending industry across the nation as banks do not like to lend on investment properties and local private money companies are either restricted to their local area and or are new to this space. We will add value to your investment portfolio and your shareholders.

Benefits For Institutional Investors

  • Highest Level of Investment Transparency & Governance 
  • Diversification with Nationwide Deal flow sourcing of Small/Mid Balance Real Estate Investments
  • Non Correlated Asset Class that provides Superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Multiple Ways to Participate in this Fixed Income Strategy

If you are looking for Proprietary Deal Flow that is vigorously vetted in this Fixed Income Private Credit Secured By Real Estate Strategy Let's Connect Now.

We are always Seeking out Business Relationships with Institutional Investors who are looking for proprietary Deal Flow in this Fixed Income Strategy. Representatives for Institutional Investors if you have an Questions Feel Free To Call us at 866.897.6966 Ext.110 . We are here to answer any and all questions that you may have.