Prospective Investors

Your probably looking for a new investment because your tired of the uncertainty and inconsistantcy of the stock market which is now at a Peak. As they say “What goes up, Must come down.” or That ETF market with velocity of all the capital is not safe either. On the other hand you may be a Trust Deed Investing Veteran looking for a New Lender to park capital with or you heard about this non traded fixed income alternative and you want to see what its all about. We have vetted opportunities that use to only be available to High Net Worth Individuals that can make a minimum investment of $500,000 – $1,000,000. Well now you can invest just like how the One Percenters do. You can invest with a minimum of $25,000. Investing is real estate debt is a great way to secure your Financial Freedom! Real Estate Debt is also known as “Private Money Mortgages,” “Hard Money Loans“, Trust Deed Investments“, “Private Credit” and “Mortgage Funds or Pools“. Your investing in a secured low risk investment that is backed by a tangible asset, Real Estate, Brick and Mortar assets! You can invest in a whole trust deed investments, fractional trust deed investments and for the most diversification you can invest in a Mortgage Fund like the Funds at Equity Cap Funds

Benefits of Investing in Our Trust Deeds:

  • Transparent Investment, we do not touch your capital
  • Borrower always has “Skin In The Deal.”
  • Equity Rich Real Estate for Down side protection 
  • Loan To Values have a minimum of 30%+ Equity (Sub 70%)
  • Bespoke Loan Docs to protect the Investor
  • Secured Investments, Title Insurance, Hazard Insurance
  • Diversification via Checking, Savings & Self Directed IRA Account
  • No Cost to Invest, No Load Fees, No Exit Fees

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Can I invest with Retirement Funds?

Yes, You can invest with your retirement funds. For some reason if your current custodian does not allow you to invest in this alternative asset class, then you can roll over or convert your IRA?401k retirement account into a Self Directed Retirement Account. A Simple IRA is Tax Deferred and a ROTH Account earns Tax Free Dividends.

The most common retirement accounts we see invest:

  • Solo 401k
  • Self Directed IRA
  • ROTH
  • SEP
  • Keogh Plans
  • CRT’s