Third Party Self Directed Custodians

We have worked with all of these Self Directed Custodian firms as they specialize in holding Alternatives Investments like Mortgage Funds, Equity Participations, Trust Deeds and Mortgages. These Self Directed Custodians all specialize in providing alternative asset custody solutions for institutions, advisors and individuals. You can easily use or open your account there to purchase your choice of investments, including the types of alternative investments available through Equity Cap Fund Advisors such as Whole & Fractional Trust Deed & Mortgage Notes or Purchase Equity Shares in one of the Equity Cap Funds which is available through Equity Cap Asset Management. None of These Custodians are affiliated with Equity Cap Fund Advisors, Inc. or Equity Cap Funds . None of these Custodians endorse or recommend any platform or investment.

Our Preferred Custodian

Schwab Affiliated Through MTC

These Third Party Custodians listed Below Specialize in Alternatives that our company and our affiliated companies offer Such as Mortgage Funds, Whole/Fractional Trust Deed Mortgage Note Investments

Self Directed My Retirement Account Into Trust Deeds Notes!

Diversify Your Portfolio By Self Directing Your Retirement Account into a Tangible Secure Fixed Income Investment.

Need a Self Directed Retirement Account?

You can Roll Over or Convert your current account into a Self Directed Account Now & Take Control Of Your Future.