Equity Participation Loans

Equity Participation Loans

Equity Cap Lending is a Direct Nationwide Private Money Balance Sheet Lender that offers to select Builders, Developers and General Contractors that are professional and can demonstrate a historical track record of excellence through real estate cycles that can be verified. This can be for One Off Deals, up to Building Communities and everything in between. The asset classes range from Residential, 2-4 Residential Units, Multi-Family 5+ Units to Large Apartment Buildings, Mixed Use with the majority of the asset being a Residential component and Self-Storage. We have Multiple ways of Structuring the capital stack on these deals as long as it's a great fit for all. We Seek Long Last Partnerships on a National basis. 

Deal Notes

    • We are Very Selective with this Product

    • Applicants should view this as a Long-Term Partnership 

    • We will need to see your historical track record.

    • Principal Resumes 

    • Residential Single Family, Duplex, Tri-Plex, Four-Plex, Condo's, Town Homes, Multiple Residential Mix

    • Multi-Family 5+ Units, Apartment Buildings, Mixed-Use with a majority residential component 

    • Self-Storage, Work Force House  

    • Unentitled Land to Exit

    • Entry Level Housing

    • Affordable Housing 

    • Work Force Community

    • Opportunity Zones 

    • Build For Sale (BFS) 

    • Build-To-Rent (BTR/BFR)

    • Residential Luxury (Spec) Case by Case