Investor Residential Extended Bridge Loans

Investor Residential Extended Bridge Loans

Welcome to Equity Cap Lending! If  you are a New Active Investor Acquiring your first residential rental property to buy and hold or you own to grow a portfolio or your a professional landlord with a residential portfolio we can facilitate a Private Money Rental Residential Loan. If your rental loan fell out from the bank or you own to many properties and a bank won't finance, we can. If you're looking for a well-capitalized Private Money Lender that gets the residential rental market, Well you came to the right place as we do! We can provide Up To 80% Loan To Purchase and up to 70% Loan To Value on refinances. Our program is perfect to realize the cash flow while you hold your residential rental property for the loan term, no need to worry about the Balloon. Give Us a Call or Submit Your cash flowing Residential Loan Request To Us Now!

Residential Extended Bridge Loan Terms


    • Rates Start at 9.99%

    • Loan To Purchase Up To 80%

    • Loan To Values Up To 70%

    • Investor Residential, 2-4 Units, Condo, PUD, Townhouse  

    • Loan Amounts $50,000 to $5,000,000+

    • 12 - 24 Months 

    • Purchase, Cash Out Refinance or Rate & Term Refinance

    • No Pre-Pay Options Available

    • Foreign nationals eligible